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My Muse


The work of art may vary slightly from image representation.
Title: My Muse
Size: 11.69 x 16.53 inches
Medium: Ink and watercolor on paper

There are people in our lives that inspire us. They are always there in the good times and the bad. The woman in this drawing is my best friends and my muse. She has been a friend, a collector and now appears in my work. She poses for me because she loves the art I make and wants to contribute to creativity. I like to let the models choose their own poses and by doing so the imagery is different and more natural. I believe in letting my models be themselves. I discovered years ago that when a model feels secure a different kind of imagery and emotional quality can be had. This drawing is part of my ongoing intimate moments series.

This work of art is done on acid-free paper. The drawing is created in Liquitex Professional Acrylic Ink and Winsor & Newton watercolors. The work is signed. I provide a certificate of authenticity.

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