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Winter Lake


The work of art may vary slightly from image representation.
Title: Winter Lake
Size: 12 x 16
Medium: Oil on Canvas

As a young man I spent a great deal of time in the forests that surrounded my family home in the Laurentians North of Montreal. I loved winter because of the silence it brought to the forest. The snow serves as a sound barrier and when it covers your shelter you cannot hear anything besides the crackling of the fire and the water boiling in your tea billy.

I am often drawn to quiet eddies along the lake shores and river banks. I am not interested in seeing man-made structures and try see nature before the intrusion of habitat and industry. I am entranced by the serenity of the sky and water of these places and obsessively seek out spaces that have seemingly been left untouched, which is becoming an ever increasing difficult task in the densely populated places on our planet.

I find myself longing to be between earth, water and sky.

This painting is done on canvas. The work is signed on the front and it comes accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

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